Caring For Our Future

Sustainability and Social Awareness

At Progressive Produce, sustainability is the way we operate and manage our business to best serve our customers, care for the environment, and drive long-term prosperity.

We give back by donating healthy food to families in need.
We're proud to have a zero emissions warehouse.
We use plant starch-based packaging made from renewable materials and pre-consumed recycled content.
We recycle and use recycled cardboard in our packaging.
We are partnered with retailers that are committed to using reusable containers.
We are consistent with the California Low-Emissions Vehicle Program.
Our farmers and growers practice sustainable farming through:
Water Management
Crop Rotation
Solar Panels and Wind Turbine Generators
Eco-friendly Tractors
Integrated Pest Management
Soil Erosion

Sustainability is a business attitude and commitment that ensures safety, efficiency and responsibility.

Social Sustainability Logos, Nature's Bounty Organic, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, NON GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, NuPlastiq Plant-based Sustainable Bags, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Certified CCOF Organic

Sustainability is our business attitude and commitment that ensures safety, efficiency and responsibility.

Progressive Produce Provides Superior-Grade Food Safety.

An industry leader in food safety, Progressive instituted an uncompromising Quality Improvement and Food Safety Program, and once again is proud to have received Primus food safety ratings of Superior at all operations.

Primus Food Certification

Progressive Produce Operations

5790 Peachtree Street
Los Angeles, CA 90040

98% Superior

14120 E. Valley Boulevard
City of Industry, CA 91746

100% Superior

12100 E. Edison Highway
Edison, CA 93220

100% Superior

903 A Street SE
Quincy, WA 98848

99% Superior