Year-Round Asparagus
Gets Even Better

Progressive Increases Asparagus Availability With Year-Round Farming Throughout The Americas

Asparagus used to be a specialty item, and available only during season. Not any more.

Just ask our Sales Manager, Cory Stahl. “There are new generations of consumers who are finding that asparagus is a great addition to the family meal. And that has become a catalyst for category growth.”

At Progressive we’ve been getting strong customer demand for fresh asparagus on a year-round basis. That's why we've added acres in Mexico, Peru, California and Washington.

For our California customers, our Progressive product will allow them to promote locally grown asparagus—an important selling point for consumers. But our East Coast customers will also benefit because it ensures maximum shelf life at this time of year.

At Progressive it’s our goal to provide our customers with the freshest, seasonal grown asparagus. And we want to do it year-round because the demand  for asparagus just keeps on growing.